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Extension to the London Undergrounds, Northern Line

Posted by Conveyor belts & Rubber sheeting - Cobra Europe on March 28, 2017 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (908)

An exciting new project has started in London, to extend the London Undergrounds, Northern Line, using Depreux Conveyor Belting! With two huge tunnel boring machines and a lot of hard work the project is set to be complete in 2020. The 90m long, tunnel boring machines have been put in place ready for work to start on the £1 Billion extension. This is the biggest project the London underground has seen since the Jubilee Line. The project is set to extend the Northern Line out to Battersea, with 2 stations, one at Nine Elms and the second at Battersea Power Station. The extension will rejuvenate the area around Battersea and attract new business, with projections forecasting around 25,000 jobs to be created. Over the next 6 months the machines are targeted to bore out over 300,000 tonnes of earth and debris, this waste will then be carried away from the tunnel boring machines on Depreux conveyor belt. The conveyor belt being used for the project is a DeltaFlam Belt, with breaker ply. This belt is flame retardant; with the steel breaker ply adding another layer of enforcement, and helping to prevent the belt from sustaining any critical surface damage. Depreux conveyor belt is used on many tunnelling projects around the world. Contact us directly for advice and further information.



Posted by Conveyor belts & Rubber sheeting - Cobra Europe on April 19, 2016 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (349)

Straight warp conveyor belt designed for recycling

DX Flex straight warp conveyor belt for example is handling all sorts of timber from broken pallets to construction timbers in a Northern wood Re-cycling plant. All types of wood with the associated metal components are loaded into the feed hopper. The first stage of the process is to crush and shred the input timber into a more manageable size for ease of handling and future utilisation.

At first it appears as a fairly simple process of loading the product into the machine and allowing the machine to crush it down to a smaller manageable size and then transport away the resulting material on a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is however subjected to enormous risks of ripping due to the ingress of rogue metal components such as nails.

Though the plant is protected by an over band magnetic separator, it still leaves the receiving conveyor belt exposed to attack by pieces of sharp metal immediately under the crusher and prior to the over band separator.

The shards of metal can be almost like bullets fired out of the bottom of the crusher piercing the cover and becoming lodged in the conveyor belt. This in itself is a destructive force to the belt but of greater risk of damage is for the shards (sometimes complete nails) to become jammed in the conveyor system and ripping the belt as it rotates.

Some belts were only lasting 2-3 weeks and having to be patched up and replaced, which was highly unsatisfactory for the operator of this intensive hard working plant.

Understandably frustrated with the cost of repair and of lost production time we proposed to the operator the installation of DX-FLEX straight warp 400/1-800-4+2 conveyor belt. A straight warp conveyor belt is composed of thick twisted polyester textile cables; the Warp is inserted between 2 layers of weft textile made of thick twisted polyamide. The plant also had relatively small diameter pulleys so it was not an option to use heavier duty EP conveyor belts; we required a lightweight highly flexible belt with high tear resistance. Six months later, despite penetration of the DX-FLEX belt by the numerous shards of metal there have been no rips to report and continuous production has been maintained throughout.

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Posted by Conveyor belts & Rubber sheeting - Cobra Europe on August 12, 2015 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (95)

Good help at the moment to reviewing your conveyor Belt

We strongly recommend you establish a logbook-Notebook-Diary- where you can have a record of your periodic conveyor belt inspection plan in order to:


  • Identify any minor belt and system repairs before they cause major breakdowns

  • Provide forecast and planning basis for larger, but inevitable conveyor maintenance corrective operations or replacements.

  • Have a complete record of conveyor belt history allowing better tracking of incidents.


Depending on the use of conveyor belt and its workload such an inspection will have to be carried often than not.

PS: make sure you put the dates in every single note, the otherwise you will be struggling. Simple things like a logbook-notebook or diary can save your time and make your machine more productive.


Welcome to our blog

Posted by Conveyor belts & Rubber sheeting - Cobra Europe on July 16, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

We are very excited  to introduce our new blog. This space is going to give us the opportunity to share with you more specific information about the conveyor belt industry and more important about our products. Also we want to use this channel to inform you about the latest news or events of our organization around the world.

A look Back, many years on the business

We are Cobra Europe, a worldwide group established in 2001, with a UK sales office in Derby. Our factories are located in France, Poland and China for global distribution. To supply products promptly to the UK, we have our distribution centre and warehousing to hold a large selection of conveyor belts and fasteners.

We value your opinion

For us our actual and future customers are very important for that reason you will now be able to be part of this project, posting comments and feedback and keep in touch with us, any suggestion or question are very welcome, we are happy to assist you and help you to learn more about the conveyor belt world. The idea is to build this place of conveyor belt knowledge together.

We invite you to take a tour around our website

There you can find out more about our complete list of products with a simple and clear description with real photos. We manufacture in particular belt for Food Quality, Anti Static, Oil and Fat resistant, Flame retardant specifications and more.

Believe this is just a taste of rolling information on top of one very long conveyor belt, we extend the invitation to join us on social media .. facebook twitter and Google + you will be updated




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