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Conveyor Belts   

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Conveyor Belt Fasteners 

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Goro fasteners manufacturer

Gorflex Plate Fastener 


Easy to install with a range of simple hand tools. Gorflex fasteners are ideally suited for the quick repair of conveyor belt tears. Suitable for a wide range of belt thicknesses and widths, with excellent impact resistance. Ideal for the transportation of sand, gravel, cement, crushed stone, coal and salt. We now also have our new range of installation tools, including a quick change chuck. 


Mini Record 

Hinged plate fasteners with staples

Mini Record fasteners are quick and easy to install in most light to medium duty conveyor belts. The mini record is installed with the simple hand operated MR FIX tool. The tool holds the belt and fastens whilst the staples are driven through the belt with a punch and hammer. Suitable for baggage handling, food industry and agricultural equipment.


Record V6

Solid plate hinged

 with one complete strip being installed on the conveyor belt across the full width. One single fastener size is suitable for a range of belt thicknesses. The fasteners are installed with Record V6 hammer tool. Suitable for use in underground mining, construction and aggregate plants.


Solid strip lacing

Fasteners Texas are manufactured from a solid steel strip producing a flat low profile lacing. It has a short reach into the belt making it suitable for applications with small pulleys. For use in the food industry.


Titan 5

Agriculture & food industry 

belts with thickness from 5 to 7 mm and maximum working tension of 65 KN/m.
Each box contains 12 strips (150 mm strip length) of 10 elements. 

G1- G2-G4-G4(1.5) -G5 Fasteners- rivet hinged for belts with thickness from 0.5 to 11 mm. fasteners recommended for food related industries. 
Each box contain 1 complete splice with rivets and connecting pins. 

ST 5

Fasteners with a pre-mounted staples, suitable for a medium duty conveyor belts with thickness from 4 to 10 mm, mm, maximum working tension of 330 KN /m and minimum pulley diameter of 150. 

Each box contain one complete splice including stainless steel connecting pin. 


Belt Puller 

Stainless steel

Conveyor Belt Puller is designed to assist with the safe movement of the conveyor belt during belt installation and belt joining procedures. The user has a comfortable feeling of the handle and improved functional strength.

Gorgrip CX

Stainless Steel 

Introducing our all new Gorgrip CX Belt Fasteners. Designed for the use with all types of light duty conveyor belts. The Gorgrip CX Range allows you to create a strong, seamless, and completely flat splice.


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