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Depreux Stick Belts                               
Belts for the transport of sticky materials

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Delta-Stick                        DX Flex-Stick                          DX/ST-Stick

Depreux stick belts can be manufactured with several plies of EP fabric (DELTA-STICK) or one or two plies of straight warp fabric (DX FLEX-STICK) or a steel-cord costruction (DX/ST-STICK)


These belts are designed to convey sticky materials such as clay, mud, wet cement, compost etc. The belts can be manufactured so they are suitable for applications in an artic environment (-50 to +80 degrees C).


Depreux Stick belts have a special rubber top cover based on synthetic elastomers, mainly polybutadiene, which gives it a water repellent structure and the non absorbing impact energy of the rubber which means that the material being conveyed sits on top of the belt and gives it exceptional non stick properties.


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