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Elevator Belting VLE

Cobra have developed a new range of Elevator belt: VLE  (very low elongation) belt.  They are designed to overcome the issue of having to re-tension an elevator belt after installation due to permanent elongation.

The different Elongations of an elevator belt:

The elongation of an elevator belt happens in two ways, permanent elongation and elastic elongation.  The total elongation of the belt is a combination of these. Permanent elongation is due to the type of construction of the carcass, while the elastic elongation is due to the yarn used to make the fabric warp.

The advantages of a VLE belt:

The Cobra weaving workshop have designed and produced a totally new fabric for VLE elevator belting. They are constructed on the basis of a straight warp carcass using yarns without corrugation. They offer operational safety, the belt is well stretched at all times without the risk of low tension or slipping. VLE elevator belting are time saving as its prevents one or many visits to the elevator to       re-tension the belt.  They allow for the use of smaller diameter drums as the carcass thickness is less than a traditional belt at an equal breaking strength.

Manufacturing VLE belts:

VLE belts are manufactured in our production facility in France. They can be manufactured in a tensile breaking strength of 400N/mm in 1 ply to 1800N/mm in 2 ply, with rubber covers to suit your application including anti-abrasive, oil & fat resistant, fire resistant, food compatibility or a combination of these.


Cobra have installed several VLE elevator belting  to date  which are in successful operation, to the complete satisfaction of our clients. There has been no need to monitor the pre-set tension of the belt or to intervene again to re-tension the elevator.

To find out more about our VLE elevator belts please call us on 01332 203133 or you can email us

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