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INDI Rubber and pvc Conveyor Belts.

The Indi range offers 4 types of conveyor belt Lift & Grip, Carton, Cotton and Pack.


Lift & Grip are multi-ply rubber belts with a honeycomb pattern on the top cover designed to convey items on a steep incline, the bottom side is bare without rubber coating.  Two types of cover pattern are available. Lift has a cellular honeycomb pattern and Grip has a woven honeycomb pattern. Both covers are available in a choice of coatings; Black A, Black G, Beige.

Belts with Black A are suitable for conveying standard items such as bags, boxes, tins.

Belts with Black G are suitable for conveying oily items including metal sheets and manufacturing components.

Beige belts are suitable for conveying clean items including pharmaceuticals and perfume.


Carton-special belts for the cardboard industry. The carcass is made of 3 cotton/polyester plies separated by rubber interlayer’s. The top cover is coated with a clear non-slip rubber that avoids marking the items being carried. The bottom cover has a coating designed to enable free running on idlers or on a slide bed.

Cotton- Belts for the rubber industry. Cotton belts have 3, 4 or 5 cotton plies, with no interlayer’s. Depending on the type of use these belts can be coated in either beige or red rubber covers (C=0.5mm cover), or stay bare (B = bare).  Cotton range belts are usually used to convey crude or vulcanised rubber pieces.  

Cotton C+C = 0.5mm red rubber cover, with a rubber coated bottom cover. This belt is used in numerous industries, its main benefit being its dense structure enabling a high resistance to fastening while being a lightweight belt.

Cotton B+B= Beige belt without covers. Used in the tyre industry to handle crude rubber in cold to average temperatures.

Cotton Sil C+B= Silicon 0.5mm +1mm rubber base. Red top cover, no bottom covers. Used in the tyre industry to handle crude rubber or finished hot products.


Pack- Solid woven thin belts with or without  PVC  coating, to convey all types of items and packages, but mainly used for postal services due to there high impact resistance.

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