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Round Baler Belts & Fasteners

Baler belts are essential for providing consistent bale construction.

The baling chamber will have several belts with special coatings for minimum crop loss.

Transco baler belts are hardworking belts subject to different stresses due to being folded backwards and forwards and are specially manufactured and can be used with all types of fodder and crops.

Our baler belts have different layers that are held together with high quality SBR rubber which is particularly effective in binding the textile layers and forming a high quality belt. The core of Transco Baler belt is made up of three plies of highly resistant EP textile, which enables the belts to be joined in a single loop using staples. SBR rubber is also                                                                                    used for the outer coating to ensure maximum adherence to belt guide and pulleys.

Cobra Europe manufactures Baler belts in Europe. We can deliver Baler belt in sheets, cut to your required length and width or spliced endless.

Smooth-grained RB belts:-

Rough top for dry applications.  LG

Maximum width: 1450mm

Maximum length: 200m

Weight: 6.84kg/m₂

Overall thickness: 5.5mm

Embossed RB belts:- 

Honeycomb top for wet applications. LR

Maximum width: 1450mm

Maximum length: 200m

Weight: 8.85kg/m₂

Overall thickness: 7.5mm

Diamond top:-

Specific to John Deere Round Balers. LL

Maximum width: 178mm

Maximum length: 110m

Weight: 9.20kg/m₂

Overall thickness: 9.8mm

Cobra's range of fasteners for Baler belt are called Titan 05.  These are heavy duty hinged belt fasteners. The fastener and staple are stainless steel. They are particularly suitable for use in extreme crop conditions (silage or high density hay baling). We also manufacture and supply installation tools. 

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