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Conveyor Belts   

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Conveyor Belt  
Repair Products

Cobra manufacture repair products suitable for repairing the conveyor belt  when it is gouged, punctured or has a longitudinal rip. They are available in a variety of sizes and thickness. 

Standard Strips 

Stock Available 

Our standard repair products are an economical solution to belt repair. They wont cause damage to the conveyor system and are very durable.  

DX STRIP REP S STANDARD     1.7 x 50 mm  x 10000
DX STRIP REP S STANDARD    2.2 x 100 mm x  10000
DX STRIP REP S STANDARD    3.2 x 150 mm x  10000

Strips with Fabric interply 

Stock Available 

DX REP SF offer a more durable solution to belt repairs. Reinforced patches are an economical solution, where the repair lasts as long as the original belt remains in operation.  The reinforced products offer a longer-term security over standard products.  

DX STRIP REP SF STANDARD    3.5 x 100 mm x 10000
DX STRIP REP SF STANDARD    4.5 x 150 mm x 10000
DX STRIP REP SF STANDARD    4.5 x 220 mm x 10000

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